We’re playing tonight in Dallas with Allen Stone and Bad Rabbits.  Fittin’ to be a great show.

We’re playing tonight in Dallas with Allen Stone and Bad Rabbits. Fittin’ to be a great show.

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Kayaking Bat Watcher.  

Austin, Texas.

Kayaking Bat Watcher.

Austin, Texas.

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Natural springin’ it.


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Life lately.

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Howdy guys,

I’ve received a few messages from some of you asking where I’ve been, what I’ve been up to, etc and I know I haven’t been very active on the ol’ tumblr lately, and while that isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing I do feel a bit bad about it. Documenting my life, from my simple every day, to my adventures is something I have always loved doing, and neglecting to do so on an outlit other than Instagram is something I’ve wanted to change. I know I have followers on here that are as active in following along with my life as I am in following there’s, and along with them I have friends and family that also like to keep up with me on here, and i want to continue doing that.

Lately I’ve been really enjoying my time at home. We’ll be heading out on tour from October till December and currently I’m writing this from
Austin Texas where we are doing a week of shows before returning home for 11 days. My parents have both been busy being new grandparents, spoiling their new grandson Case, and I’ve really enjoyed spending time with the little guy and my sister and brother-in-law Chris (feels funny to call him that, he feels like more of a brother than anything) who are one of the happiest new set of parents you’ll ever see. The experience of having a new little human in our family has been truly touching and amazing. Seeing him smile, observe, sit up, roll over, and look out into space brings more joy than I ever thought could come from a little guy like him. The fellas and I have been busy writing new music and it has been really exciting to receive some awesome feedback in regards to that and our upcoming tour. We’ve been continuing to deepen our relationships as a band and as friends and I think we could take on anything together.

Ash and I have been as good as ever and our relationship continues to grow. She’s started a new position with MIHS (maricopa integrated health system) and Americorp. It’s been a great new challenge and adventure for her and I’m really, I mean really proud of her. This girls gonna change lives guys, I’m not even close to kidding. We’ve been adventuring whenever we have the time, and lately my favorite thing has been the habit we’ve had for trying new things, places, activities, etc. Dating on a budget has been a really cool adventure. Just getting a coffee with her can be the best of times. Shes been having and amazing weekend maid of honoring along with her newly wed best buds Kerissa and Tim and I wish them a happy honey moon. Ash is a doll and I’m a lucky fella.

Other than that, personally I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on what I’m capable of as a man in this world. There’s a lot of paths out there I could follow and I’m feeling pretty dang content with my little spot in the universe currently, but as always I’m hungry. Hungry to continue adventuring, discovering new things, exploring hobbies I’ve neglected, and really trying, honesty trying to love those around me in the most open and confident way that I can. I think we are all called by whatever we believe in, to share ourselves and intentionally engage our loved ones and even strangers, with as much joy and love as we can muster. It’s something that seems obvious but I think we often get caught up in how life just kinda rolls and I plan to keep trying as hard as I can to not forget this. And I’ve been trying my best to save time for me as well - to enjoy silence, a book, alone time at a cafe, a lot of long nighttime walks around the neighborhood lately, and all those little things that fill my tank and at times I can forget are so important. On a less serious note I’ve realized that cuttle fish are the most fascinating animals, I don’t really like pancakes unless ash makes them, I still love Capri suns as much as I ever have, west Texas ain’t all that bad, just don’t forget to get gas after you pass through El Paso (long story) and today I learned that Armadillos can carry Leprosy, who knew. I guess you could say life is going as usual. Life is going quite well. Life on the road, life at home, and the adventures In between.

Cheers. Keep the faith and love deeply,


You can also catch me on Instagram: michaelbanjo And if you ever want to follow that global health babe I was talking about she’s at: @smashleynabbey.tumblr.com
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This. This is a good beer. All praise the good beer.

This. This is a good beer. All praise the good beer.

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Rock climbed for the first time yesterday with Michael. My fingers and booty are gonna be sore all week, but I’m ready to climb again. Michael, of course, was real good at it, and I felt like a champion each time I reached the top with my sweaty fingers — kicking my fear of heights in the butt.

LIES. She was amazing at it, and I was just keepin up.  I enjoyed the view while belaying for her… ;) am I allowed to say that on tumblr? A great date.

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How else can one write but of those things which one doesn’t know, or knows badly? It is precisely there that we imagine having something to say. We write only at the frontiers of our knowledge, at the border which separates our knowledge from our ignorance and transforms the one into the other. Gilles Deleuze, Difference and Repetition (via extratruefacts) Friday Sep 9 @ 05:40pm with 534 notes
One of the things I learned about writing a memoir is you can’t drag the reader through everything. Every human life is worth 20 memoirs. ― Andre Dubus III Friday Sep 9 @ 03:18pm with 9 notes
If you don’t put 99 percent of yourself into the writing, there will be no publishing career. There’s the writer and there’s the author. The author—you don’t ever think about the author. Just think about the writer. So my advice would be, find a way to not care—easier said than done. Accept that the world may never notice this thing you worked so hard at. And instead, do it for it, find a job, find a way of living that gives you an hour or two or three a day to do it, and then work your ass off sending out, trying to get out there, but do not put the pressure on the work to do something for you. Because then you’re going to be writing dishonestly and for the market instead of for the characters and your story. ― Andre Dubus III Friday Sep 9 @ 03:18pm with 1 note
One of the things I tell the writers with whom I work is, man, when you finish a draft of a poem, or short story or novel, you make sure you go out and celebrate all night long because whether the world ever notices or not, whether you get it published or not, you did something most people never do: You started, stuck with, and finished a creative work. And that is a triumph. That is something to celebrate. All the stuff that I’m talking about is really from the point of view of trying to create art—and I don’t mean to sound highfalutin when I bring the word “art” in. All I mean is, a work that seeks to illuminate truth in whatever way possible. ― Andre Dubus III Friday Sep 9 @ 03:14pm with 6 notes
And I felt more like me than I ever had, as if the years I’d lived so far had formed layers of skin and muscle over myself that others saw as me when the real one had been underneath all along, and I knew writing- even writing badly- had peeled away those layers, and I knew then that if I wanted to stay awake and alive, if I wanted to stay me, I would have to keep writing.

 ― Andre Dubus III, Townie: A Memoir

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This weekend Ash and I had a chance to get away for the day and spend some time driving around Northern Arizona and exploring around the woods a bit. When we both got back from our road trips about two weeks ago and we’re pretty busy, Ash with her awesome new job and my schedule full of work and lots of rehearsals, so getting away and out of reception was bliss. It’s always perfect repeating our favorite kind of date - long drive, lots of music, great conversation, exploring a new wilderness, lunch at a cafe, and a nice drive home with tired legs. It was a great weekend. Always an adventure with this gal.

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Exploring around with her.

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Brothers Comatose are a great time. || Last Exit Live

I had such a blast playing with my pals Grace and Perry last night. We opened up for Brothers Comatose and they really kill it. Ash took some awesome photos of them gettin down.

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